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In 2000, the founder Angelica Gonzalez, was in her second year of college at Cal State-Hayward. The business class she was in decided to do a project and analyze a small business and its operations. They decided to analyze the local food truck that came to the campus. After doing the project and realizing the potential of owning a food truck, Angelica decided to take a quarter of college to open her first truck. Having some business experience from being the night manager at Albertson's and having some savings she was able to purchase her first truck. The truck's name was Taqueria No Chilan, with a limited budget she decided to name the truck Taqueria Angelica's. Angelica had only anticipated taking one quarter off from college. With a thriving business, she opted out from returning to Cal State-Hayward. After a successful first year Angelica went on to open up 4 more trucks and in 2009 she opened Bay Area Mobile Catering which is a commissary for catering trucks. In her facility she provides a home base for other mobile catering business.  

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